Microtrace’s Breadth of Expertise at Inter/Micro 2019

Next week, microscopists from around the world are gathering in Chicago for Inter/Micro 2019- the premier international microscopy conference. Seven Microtrace scientists are presenting papers that span all three days of the symposium, which runs from June 10th through June 14th. The Microtrace talks cover topics including fibers, paint, inks, glass, metals, nanoparticles, and bone. The papers also cover analytical methods spanning light and electron microscopy (SEM/EDS), Raman microspectroscopyfluorescence microscopyinfrared microspectroscopy, and microchemistry. This breadth of topics illustrates the versatility of our approach and the range of our laboratory’s experience and expertise.

Microtrace talks include:

  • Medical Malpractice or BBQ Gone Wrong: Identification and Sourcing of a Metal Wire Removed from a Patient (Jason Beckert)
  • Nanoparticles as Trace Evidence (Kelly Brinsko Beckert)
  • Pigment Packages of Modern Australian Tattoo Inks (Ethan Groves)
  • Locating and Analyzing Microtraces of Paint (Joseph Insana)
  • Glass Bottle Thickness Variation: Measurements for Source and Comparison Determination (Brendan Nytes)
  • “The Particle was Identified as a Cellulose Fiber” (Skip Palenik)
  • A Bone to Pick: Examination and Analysis of Bone Tissue (Katie M. White)

Research presentations given during the first three days will cover techniques and instrumentation, environmental and industrial microscopy, and forensic and chemical microscopy.

All abstracts for Inter/Micro presentations can be found here and here.


Since its beginning in 1948, Inter/Micro has grown to attract microscopists, both amateur and professional, from all areas of light and electron microscopy. Recognized internationally, this meeting is now held every year in Chicago and continues to be sponsored and hosted by McCrone Research Institute.

The first Microscopy Symposium on Electron and Light Microscopy was developed by Walter C. McCrone (light microscopist in chemistry) and Charles Tufts (electron microscopist in physics) and was held June 10-12, 1948 at the Stevens Hotel, now the Hilton Chicago. The Inter/Micro symposia are believed to be the very first meetings to gather top people in light and electron microscopy together to discuss very small particles, including the range of ultrafine particles that are commonly referred to today as “nanoparticles.”

More details about the conference can be found here.

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