Container and Packaging

Our wide range of materials and analytical experience gives us a unique perspective when addressing issues involving microscopical and microanalytical characterization in the packaging and container industry.  In the same way that our research, forensic casework, and sample-driven analytical approach allow us to perform the highest level of forensic analyses, our clients in the paint, polymer and coatings industries rely on us for a variety of reasons, including:

  • Microstructural characterization – Imaging of microscopic and nanoscopic features.
  • Elemental and chemical mapping – In situ study of the spatial distribution of components on a microscale or nanoscale.
  • Raw material and component characterization – Comparison of ingredients, including metal, paper and polymers to identify, define, and understand subtle, but significant differences that are not necessarily captured by product specifications.
  • Failure analysis – Elucidation of failure mechanisms through scientific analysis.
  • Foreign matter identification – Identification and sourcing of inclusions, discolorations, stains, and other systemic or one-off issues.
  • Litigation support – Scientific support of claims arising from failures, patent infringements, and product failure.

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