Expert Testimony

A large percentage of the analyses conducted at Microtrace involve, or have the potential to involve, criminal or civil litigation.  As such, all casework conducted at our laboratory is rigorously supported by scientific results intended to withstand the scrutiny of peer review and litigation.  While remaining technically robust, Microtrace scientists take great pride in providing results in a context that not only addresses the specific and relevant questions, but does so in a manner that can be understood by a non-technical observer.

When cases go to deposition or trial, our staff is able to rely upon their extensive training, research, publications, and years of specialized scientific experience that spans numerous disciplines and a wide range of micro-analytical methods, to support our findings.  The courtroom experience of our staff spans civil, criminal, and military trials, as well as capital trials in state, federal, and international jurisdictions.

The materials examined in our laboratory, as well as the analytical methods used to study them, require highly specialized knowledge and experience.  As such, the appropriate interpretation of the generated technical data often hinges on the recognition of subtle nuances that can easily be overlooked by those unfamiliar with this subject matter.  With this in mind, we provide assistance in the form of technical reviews of the reports and results of opposing experts, and can assist with the formulation of cross examination questions.

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