Microtrace teaches a variety of customized short courses (both on-site and off-site) to meet the needs of forensic laboratories and industrial microscopy laboratories seeking advanced skills in microanalysis.  All courses emphasize practical techniques suitable for immediate implementation.  Please contact us for further details or for help in customizing a course for your lab. In addition to teaching these customized classes, Microtrace scientists are on staff at McCrone Research Institute in Chicago, where we conduct regularly scheduled courses.

Microtrace has provided customized classes in the following areas:

  • Polarized Light Microscopy
  • Particle Manipulation
  • Methods in Stereomicroscopy
  • Topics in Forensic Microscopy
  • Forensic Microscopy
  • Microchemical Analysis
  • Human Hair Comparison
  • Fiber Microscopy
  • Microscopy of Botanical Fragments
  • Vegetable Fiber Analysis
  • Pigment Microscopy
  • Novel Applications of GC-MS in Forensic Analysis
  • Animal Hair Identification
  • Forensic Soil Microscopy
  • Forensic Paper Identification
  • Microchemistry for Conservators

Clients include numerous Fortune 500  companies and forensic laboratories around the world including:

US Army Criminal Investigation Laboratory, Washington State Police, Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Texas Department of Public Safety, State of North Carolina Crime Laboratory, New York City Crime Laboratory, State of Louisiana Crime Laboratory, State of Illinois Crime Laboratory, California Criminalistics Institute, Forensic Science Service (United Kingdom), Forensic Science Foundation, United States Customs, Louisiana State Crime Laboratories, Campbell Center for Historic Conservation, Pakistan National Forensic Laboratory.

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