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Clients in the pharmaceutical industry have trusted Microtrace and its scientists for decades. Our lab performs scientifically-supported testing and analyses for a wide range of pharma issues. These range from product and device development to product complaint investigations. We have extensive experience analyzing a vast range of materials in our custom-built, state-of-the-art laboratory. We provide supportable analysis and answers to specific questions; not simply data. Our insistence upon analytical excellence has facilitated relationships with pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturers throughout the world.  Our areas of analysis and experience include:

Product Complaint Analysis

We analyze samples based upon forensic principles of chain of custody and sample preservation. Our extensive analytical experience and our lab’s wide analytical repertoire allow us to select the proper analyses and tests to respond to your specific question. Read more about some of our specific fields of expertise in the area of pharmaceutical contamination here.

Production issues

The identity and source of residues or other potential pharma contaminants can have implications for an entire production run. A fast and accurate analysis can provide factual information that allows you to make quick and informed decisions.

Ingredient and packaging characterization

Lots purchased from different suppliers or at different times may contain subtle, yet significant differences. A product specification manifest may not capture these changes. In these instances, a detailed and careful laboratory analysis, relying upon a sample-driven approach, can provide you with an understanding of why two seemingly similar products do not perform in the same way.  Read about some of the ways our lab has helped clients with the development and characterization of pharmaceutical products.

Product characterization

Our experts can characterize finished pharma products and devices at a microscopical level. Assisted by state-of-the-art technology, our lab provides insights into a product’s shelf-life and quality.

Counterfeit materials

Look-alike and counterfeit pharma products are flooding certain markets. As a result, the ability to confidently identify such products quickly is increasingly significant. Microtrace assists in making such determinations with the analytical rigor necessary should the event reach litigation.


Our reputation for quality microanalysis goes back over 25 years. To that end, Microtrace’s lab is accredited to ISO 17025. Additionally, we follow ASTM testing guides and other standardized testing methods, when applicable.

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