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Clients in the pharmaceutical industry have trusted Microtrace and its scientists for decades to obtain scientifically supported solutions to issues ranging from product and device development to product complaint investigations.  Our experience with a vast range of materials and our desire to provide supportable answers to specific questions, rather than just data, have allowed us to build relationships with a wide range of pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturers.  Our areas of experience include:

  • Product complaint analysis – Analyses based upon forensic principles of chain of custody and sample preservation coupled with a wide analytical repertoire that allows us to select the proper analyses to respond to a specific question.  Read more about some of our areas of specific expertise in the area of pharmaceutical contamination here.
  • Production issues – Quite often, the identity and source of a deposit, residue, or other potential contaminant can have implications for an entire lot or production run.  Fast and accurate analyses can provide factual information that permits informed decisions to be made.
  • Ingredient and packaging characterization – In some cases, lots purchased from different suppliers or at different times may contain subtle, yet significant changes that are not captured on a product specification manifest.  In these instances, detailed and careful analyses relying upon a sample driven approach can provide an understanding of why two seemingly similar products do not perform in the same way.  Read more about some of the ways we have helped clients in the development and characterization of pharmaceutical products here.
  • Product characterization – Characterization of finished products and devices at a microscopical level can provide insights into the shelf-life and quality of a product.
  • Counterfeit materials – Look alike and counterfeit products are flooding certain markets.  The ability to confidently identify such products can be significant, and Microtrace is able to assist in making such determinations, particularly in the arena of litigation.

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