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Microtrace was founded upon the premise that each sample should be treated as a unique scientific challenge.  In an era when most forensic and contract laboratories rely upon predefined protocols, the analytical results obtained are, by design, limited in scope.  For this reason, we have found that there remains a need for sample-driven analyses, performed at the highest scientific level, capable of providing a level of analysis beyond that of a typical forensic laboratory.  It is through this approach that Microtrace has built a world-wide reputation for providing not just analyses but answers to specific questions.  To read about some of these successes, see the sidebar or read about Microtrace in the news.

In working on forensic matters, both civil and criminal, we have designed a purpose build approach that sets us apart from the ordinary:

  • High Level Analysis.  The most detailed scientific analysis, performed on minute samples and the smallest particles.
  • Reputation.  A worldwide reputation for unbiased analysis, working with prosecution and defense, plaintiff and defendant.
  • Transparent.  Results provided in a detailed, illustrated report supported by fundamental scientific principals that stands up to peer review and litigation.
  • Beyond Comparison.  While many labs operated only on the basis of comparison samples, we have achieved success providing investigative leads from evidence, when reference samples are not available.
  • Beyond Forensic.  In addition to matters involving the law, we also consult with a wide range of industrial and manufacturing clients.  These experiences provide a strong knowledge base in novel materials and methods, many of which are drawn upon to approach forensic questions.
  • Microscopy and Microanalysis.  Our in-house microanalytical capabilities are unsurpassed.
  • Research and Reference Collections.  Our internal investment in reference collections and research provides us with additional expertise in a wide variety of materials.

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