Contamination shows up in virtually every manufacturing and handling process.  In some instances, certain acceptable levels are anticipated, while in other industries, all contamination must be identified and traced to its origin.  Regardless of the size or level, contaminants can span a wide range of materials, and since many of them are truly foreign, their identification or characterization is often beyond the scope of typical quality laboratories.

Microtrace specializes in identifying all types contamination, be it solid, liquid or volatile; natural or synthetic; plant, animal or industrial; minor, major or trace; introduced by the supplier, manufacturer or end-user.  We maintain the widest possible range of analytical instrumentation and reference materials to ensure that we have the appropriate controls and equipment to identify the foreign matter efficiently, completely, and in a timely manner.  Our scientific staff has extensive experience in identifying foreign matter in all types of products, and our reports are tailored to be comprehensible to the lay, to withstand scientific peer review, and the legal challenges that may arise in the course of litigation.

Please browse through the range of materials and industries that we commonly serve.  Due to the wide range of materials and clients we serve, it is not possible to list everything, so if you have something unusual you’d like to pursue, please don’t hesitate to contact a scientist to discuss your issue in more detail.

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