Microtrace has built an international reputation for providing customized, unbiased, scientific analyses and interpretation designed to directly address the questions and issues of our clients.  As a rare independent laboratory who conducts analyses at the request of both the prosecution and defense, plaintiffs and defendents, Microtrace has developed a credibility for not only providing answers, but also providing scientifically valid results that can withstand equally the scrutiny of legal proceedings or the critique of a peer review.

Notable Cases

While many of the most interesting scientific cases relate to problems of little interest to the public, our scientists have also been involved in and often played key roles in more prominent cases, many of which have been covered by the popular media, such as the

  • Green River Murders
  • Jon Benet Ramsey Case
  • Assassination of Martin Luther King
  • Atlanta Child Murders
  • “Ivan the Terrible”
  • “Kiki” Camerena Kidnap and Murder
  • Danielle Van Dam Murder
  • Unabomber
  • Swiss Air Crash
  • Narita Airport Bombing
  • Air India Bombing
  • Hillside Strangler
  • Freeway Strangler
  • Oklahoma City Bombing
  • Helen Brach Disappearance
  • Jeanine Harms
  • Timothy Pitzen Disappearance (Aurora, IL)

Honors and Awards

For this commitment to continual improvement, Microtrace scientists have received numerous awards, from honors related to theses and photomicrography to career awards from societies, including many of the highest honors given in the fields of microscopy and forensic science.  Finally, Microtrace scientists serve on numerous national and international working groups designed to ensure the continual development of science within forensic disciplines.

Commitment to Improvement

To improve our casework, our scientists continually train themselves through the characterization of reference materials, outside training, and internal research, which is used to support publications and presentations given throughout the world each year in disciplines which have included microscopy, chemistry, botany, zoology, materials science, pharmaceutical development, risk analysis, and even nuclear engineering.


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