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Happy 27th Anniversary, Microtrace!

November 6th is Microtrace's 27th anniversary. Read More

Faux Faux Fur Faux Pas

When NBC News correspondent Jeff Rossen explored the fake fur industry he consulted Microtrace. The problem is, a lot of fake fur isn't really fake. Read More

National Forensic Science Week 2019

This week (15-21 September 2019) is National Forensic Science Week. We want to take this opportunity to honor forensic scientists around the world, both active and historical, who, for well over a century, have analyzed evidence on a daily basis in the pursuit of providing scientifically-supportable contributions to cases.  This work has done tremendous good, […] Read More

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MAFS Annual Conference in Louisville, KY this Week

This week (13-18 October 2019), the Midwestern Association of Forensic Scientists (MAFS) is holding its 48th annual meeting in Louisville, KY. Two Microtrace scientists are presenting at the conference. On Tuesday (15 October) Kelly Brinsko-Beckert will co-present a workshop with Dr. Benoit Maze entitled, “The Forensic Analysis of New and Emerging Fibers.” On Friday (18 […] Read More

Article: The Role of Collections in Trace Evidence

The Microscope (67/2) features an article by Christopher Palenik. "The Role of Collections in Trace Evidence" illustrates the range of benefits that reference collections and their datasets can provide to the forensic science community in casework, training, and general experience. Read More

Trace Evidence Presentation at Public Defender Forensic Science Conference

On 30 May 2019, Microtrace's Skip Palenik and Jason Beckert talked about trace evidence at the annual forensic science conference of Forensic Science Division of the Cook County Public Defender Office. Read More

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