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Spotlight on: Art Analysis

Micro-analysis of artwork and antiques can provide important information to collectors and conservators attempting to establish authenticity or determine best conservation methods. Read More

Spotlight on: Medical Malpractice

Microtrace has worked with both plaintiffs and defendants to help resolve medical malpractice lawsuits. Our assistance usually involves the identification and sourcing of foreign materials in medical devices, or the identification of foreign material recovered from within patients.   Read More

Lab Manager Magazine Looks at Trace Analysis with Microtrace

Lab Manager Magazine recently ran an article surveying the microscopes and procedures used to study forensic trace materials. Christopher Palenik was interviewed on the topics of instrumentation and sample preparation, portions of which appear in the article. Read More

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Skip Palenik Presents Keynote at CTT Conference

This week, Microtrace founder Skip Palenik presented the keynote address at the Coatings Trends & Technologies international conference. His talk was entitled “The Importance of Coatings Science in Forensic Investigations.” Read More

Forensic Dust Analysis Course

From July 9th to 13th, Skip Palenik is teaching a course on Forensic Dust Analysis at McCrone Research Institute in Chicago. This course is based on Skip’s experience of more than 50 years in studying dust in a forensic context. Read More

Microtrace’s Analytical Versatility on Display at Inter/Micro 2018

This week, microscopists from around the world are gathering in Chicago for Inter/Micro 2018- the premier international microscopy conference. Eight Microtrace scientists are presenting papers at the conference. Read More

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