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Microtrace Scientist Appointed to National Forensic Science Committee

Microtrace's Ethan Groves was recently appointed to the Geological Materials Subcommittee of OSAC. He joins other Microtrace scientists Skip Palenik, (Geological Materials),  Dr. Christopher Palenik (Materials (Trace)), and Jason Beckert (Materials (Trace) Afflilate). Read More

Discoveries in American Art looks at Microtrace’s Contributions to the Art World

A fascinating look at some of Microtrace's contributions to the art world- establishing provenance and uncovering forgeries... sometimes with tragic consequences. Read More

AAFS names Chris Palenik to Editorial Board of the JFS

Chris Palenik was recently named to the editorial board of the Journal of Forensic Sciences. Read More

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Recent Publications

Microtrace’s Breadth of Expertise at Inter/Micro 2019

Next week, microscopists from around the world are gathering in Chicago for Inter/Micro 2019- the premier international microscopy conference. Seven Microtrace scientists are presenting papers at the conference. Read More

Sub‐visible Paint Article by Microtrace Scientists

The Journal of Forensic Sciences published an article by Microtrace scientists Christopher Palenik, Ethan Groves, Joseph Insana, and Skip Palenik, entitled "Locating, Identifying, and Comparing Sub‐visible Paint Particles." Read More

Kelly Brinsko Beckert Presents at Joint SAFS/ASTEE Conference

This Friday, Microtrace's Kelly Brinsko Beckert will present a paper entitled, "Nanoparticles as Trace Evidence." at the Southern Association of Forensic Scientists' (SAFS) and the American Society of Trace Evidence Examiners' (ASTEE) joint meeting in Ashville, NC. Read More

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