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Happy 26th Anniversary, Microtrace!

Tuesday, November 6th marks Microtrace's 26th anniversary. As we wrap-up our silver anniversary celebrations, we invite you to take one more look at some highlights from the past 25 years. Read More

Netflix’s Making a Murderer Features Microtrace

Netflix has released the second season of their hit documentary "Making a Murderer." Episode 7 features Microtrace's analysis of the bullet that allegedly killed Teresa Halbach in 2005. Read More

Spotlight on: Art Analysis

Micro-analysis of artwork and antiques can provide important information to collectors and conservators attempting to establish authenticity or determine best conservation methods. Read More

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Recent Publications

Ethan Groves presents to EAS on Paint Comparisons

On November 13th, 2018, Ethan Groves presented "Examining Elemental Analysis by SEM/EDS in forensic paint comparisons" as an invited speaker at the Eastern Analytical Symposium (EAS). Read More

A Closer Look at Crime

University of Michigan Graduate School Alum Chris Palenik combines high-powered microscopes and his U-M research background to help solve criminal cases. Read More

Skip Palenik Presents Keynote at CTT Conference

This week, Microtrace founder Skip Palenik presented the keynote address at the Coatings Trends & Technologies international conference. His talk was entitled “The Importance of Coatings Science in Forensic Investigations.” Read More

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