Case Reviews

While most of our casework involves analyses, Microtrace also conducts document reviews for crime laboratories, public defenders, innocence groups, and attorneys in civil matters.


Forensic Laboratory Report Peer Review

Many forensic laboratories do not have redundant expertise in all areas of analysis.  In those instances, peer reviews of casework can be difficult to obtain.  Microtrace can provide assistance through the technical review of documents and data in cases involving virtually any type of trace evidence.  Our standing on several national and international forensic working groups and boards, along with our active research programs, provide us with a broad perspective to offer critiques into issues ranging from high level approaches down to the most minute details that may impact the interpretation of results.


Public Defender Case Reviews

Our assistance to public defenders typically involves the review of case notes, standard operating protocols (SOPs), and conclusions in cases ranging from fibers to drugs to GSR.  We have also been asked to witness the sampling and testing of evidence being conducted by third parties.  Our results may be provided in the form of a formal report, the preparation of cross examination questions, or simply helping an attorney come up to speed on the significance of an unfamiliar type of evidence or analysis.

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