For decades, Microtrace scientists have worked with clients at virtually all levels of the food manufacturing and distribution process.  From investigations of basic ingredients to chemical characterization of new formulations to packaging issues and quality control complaints, Microtrace has provided scientific support.

We’ve addressed a vast range of questions, some of which include:

  • Microstructural characterization of food ingredients and the study of their behavior in different environments
  • Ingredient identification and analysis to identify the cause for subtle differences between similar materials from different suppliers
  • The study of counterfeited products
  • Packaging failure investigations
  • Failures within the manufacturing facility
  • Consumer complaint sample analysis
  • Ingredient investigations and confirmation of product specifications
  • Adulterated food and food tampering
  • Off odor and discoloration investigations
  • Identification and sourcing of foreign matter

See some of our materials analyzed pages for more specific information about our services in the areas of Food Forensic Analysis, Contamination, Food Ingredient Analysis, Counterfeit Analysis, Corrosion Analysis, and Packaging Analysis. In addition, we offer expert witness support for product failure, patent infringement and consumer complaint investigations that go to litigation.

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