As technology develops, materials are developed to function at smaller length scales.  Microtrace scientists have conducted investigations into numerous nanomaterials ranging from highly engineered pigments, to heterogeneous catalysts, to nanoparticles, nanotubes, and nanofibers.  We have worked with clients in both the development of such raw materials, products derived from these materials, and in the characterization of these materials within specific product applications.  These investigations have ranged from geology, where one of our scientist published the first TEM micrographs identifying the presence of so called “invisible gold” that accounts for much of the gold currently mined in the world.  We have also conducted analyses of nanoparticles in support of litigation related to the health impacts of this new class of particles.


Related standardized methods: ASTM E2456, E2490, E2524, E2525, E2526, E2535, E2834, E2859, E2864, E2865, E2909

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