Raman Microspectroscopy

The Raman Microscope utilizes the phenomenon of Raman scattering to extract information about bonding in materials. The Raman microscope provides micrometer scale resolution allowing for analysis of micrometer-size particles (or in some cases smaller). Through both spectral interpretation and comparison against our Raman spectral libraries, which contain several thousand compounds, we can use the information in a Raman spectrum to identify unknown particles or characterize the properties of materials (such as nanotubes).  Raman spectroscopy is a powerful tool for the characterization of other information such as inclusions in gems or minerals, polymorphs (rutile vs. anatase), or inherent properties of a material.  This system is equipped with two lasers (785 nm and 532 nm), stage mapping, and confocal analysis.  For fluorescing samples, we have had success applying surface enhanced resonance spectroscopy (SERS) through the use of gold and silver colloids.

Due to the lack of commercially available Raman databases, Microtrace has developed several of its own Raman databases covering a variety of compounds, with a particular emphasis on the identification of colorants (pigments and dyes).

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