New Instrument- Ultra Performance Liquid Chromatography System

Microtrace welcomes the newest addition to its analytical arsenal:  the Waters Acquity H-Class Ultra Performance Liquid Chromatography (UPLC) system.  This system expands Microtrace’s existing chromatography capabilities which include gas chromatography (GC-MS) and planar chromatography (HPTLC), to now encompass liquid chromatography.  Equipped with a PDA and fraction collector, UPLC allows Microtrace scientists to supplement our existing capabilities to detect, separate, purify, and quantify non-volatile and semi-volatile components of complex mixtures.

UPLC has many applications including chemical profiling (drug discovery, impurity analysis), forensic toxicological assays (steroid screening, cannabinoid analyses, illicit drugs), analysis of food products (flavor profiling, pesticide residues, adulteration detection), forensic trace evidence (textile dye identification, analysis of explosive residues) and many more.

For more information about our system, please visit our UPLC Page.

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