Jason Beckert Speaks to Santa Clara University School of Law

Last Thursday, February 11, 2021 Microtrace Research Scientist Jason Beckert gave a remote guest lecture to the Santa Clara University School of Law. His presentation was entitled “Introduction to Trace Evidence: Fundamental Principles and Case Studies.” In this talk, Beckert introduced the students to some commonly encountered types of trace evidence, such as hair, fibers, soil, and gunshot residue. He discussed their forensic value in the context of some of Microtrace’s notable cases, including the Green River Murders, the Steven Avery Case, and the Unabomber.

Microtrace teaches a variety of customized short courses to meet the needs of forensic laboratories, industrial microscopy laboratories, and students seeking advanced skills in microanalysis.  All courses emphasize practical techniques suitable for immediate implementation. Clients include numerous Fortune 500  companies and forensic laboratories around the world including: the US Army Criminal Investigation Laboratory, Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Forensic Science Service (United Kingdom), Forensic Science Foundation, United States Customs, and Pakistan National Forensic Laboratory.

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