CACNews features Microtrace’s painting of Edmond Locard

The California Association of Criminalists recently published the 2nd quarter edition of CACNews (2Q 2020). The cover of this issue features an oil painting commissioned by Microtrace president Skip Palenik. The painting also appeared in the 2019 annual Christmas card sent out by Microtrace:

The subject of this painting is the Dr. Edmond Locard (1877-1966), the father of forensic trace evidence analysis. Dr. Locard is portrayed as he appeared in a studio portrait in 1928. The Art Deco style heroically depicts Locard as a scientist-detective with his polarizing microscope and test tube. This commission was itself based upon Tamara Lempicka’s 1920’s portrait of a French doctor (Dr. Bouchard).

To read more about this painting in CACNews, click here.

And be sure to see Microtrace’s full 2019 Christmas card here.

California Association of Criminalists (CAC)

The purpose of the California Association of Criminalists is to foster an exchange of ideas and information within the field of criminalistics, foster friendship and cooperation among the various laboratory personnel, encourage and, if possible, financially support worthy research projects, encourage the compilation of experience data of value in the field, promote wide recognition of the practice of criminalistics as an important phase of jurisprudence, promote a high level of professional competence among criminalists, encourage uniform qualifications and requirements for criminalists and related specialists, disseminate information to the law profession concerning minimum qualifications for physical evidence consultants, provide a board of review in cases involving differences of professional opinion when requested, encourage the use of improved testing procedures and methods of presentation of conclusions, encourage the recognition of the CAC and its purposes among other appropriate groups and societies,lend assistance, whenever possible, in the formulation of college curricula and law enforcement programs,when appropriate, to review and act upon any pending legislation which appears to be related to the field of criminalistics, establish, maintain, and enforce a Code of Ethics for criminalists, establish, maintain and manage an Endowment Fund to fund scholarships, research projects, special classes and other activities in keeping with the objects and purposes of the CAC and support certification testing programs for individuals engaged in the practice of criminalistics.

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