Trace evidence symposium webcast to show Microtrace talks.

Two Microtrace talks will be streamed live via the web this Wednesday and Thursday from the NIJ‘s Impression Pattern and Trace Evidence Symposium. This webcast is free and open to the public, but Trace Evidence Microtraceregistration is required. Chris Palenik’s presentation “Decreasing the Scale and Increasing the Scope of Trace Evidence” can be viewed Thursday (August 27th) at 8:00 am (CT). On Wednesday (August 26th) at 4:10 pm (CT) Kristie Scott, UCL Ph.D. student and Microtrace intern, will discuss “Developing the Techniques Available for the Collection and Analysis of Forensic Trace Evidence in Freshwater Crime Scene Environments.”  Both streamed Microtrace presentations will take place in the Blue Breakout Session- Texas E.

Chris’s talk will be the first in a panel on “Ensuring the Viability of Trace Evidence.” He will explore the potential in expanding the range and decreasing the scale of materials evaluated by trace evidence laboratories.  Then, he will illustrate how modern microanalytical methods can be used to improve the resolution and scope of this evidence.

Kristie’s presentation will compare a range of techniques used in the gathering of trace evidence. She will highlight the best practices for the collection and analysis of particulate evidence from marine environments.

Microtrace also carries a strong presence in other parts of this symposium, which will not be broadcast. Tuesday, Skip and Chris Palenik will co-present the workshop, “Petrographic identification of soil minerals.” In addition, Barb Fallon will offer a poster based on the subject of her Microtrace internship entitled “Jute and its Substitutes in Common Goods.”

Topics of the symposium include the latest developments and challenges in fingerprint, shoeprint, and tire tread evidence; questioned documents; bloodstain pattern analysis; biometrics; firearms and toolmarks; digital photography; fibers, paint, tape and other types of evidence; and calculation of error rate, testimony, interpretation/reporting, case studies, and technology applications.

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