The role of the forensic scientist in the new millennium

Palenik, C.S. (2000) The role of the forensic scientist in the new millennium. Academy News (American Academy of Forensic Sciences) 23-24.

Published on: 1/1/2000

One of the reasons I chose to study science over the humanities was to avoid spending large portions of my time attempting to answer open-ended questions such as the one posed. I have rarely found responses to such questions satisfactory, and more often than not, found them frustratingly general and incomplete. The close of the 20th century, however, presents a natural opportunity for the discipline of forensic science to consider its role in the new millennium and for me it will mark the beginning of my career in this field. For this latter reason, I have already spent a considerable amount of time thinking about the future of this field. This essay presents a sensible opportunity for me to further organize my thoughts on paper.

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