The Science of Trace Evidence

For over 25 years, clients around the world have put their trust in our skill and discretion to solve their most delicate problems.
Microtrace is a materials analysis laboratory, specializing in the characterization and identification of small quantities and single small particles of unknown substances, using a combination of state-of-the-art instrumentation and techniques based on microscopy and microchemistry. Our analytical approach is sample driven, which allows us to provide solutions to problems outside or beyond the scope of typical in-house, commercial or forensic laboratories. Since 1992, we have provided analytical support in criminal and civil litigation, to the insurance, pharmaceutical, food, environmental and manufacturing industries, as well as clients in art, collectibles, and antiquities.

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Skip Palenik Interview on Role of Microscopy in Modern Art Analysis

Skip Palenik is interviewed about the role of microscopy and microchemistry in modern art analysis and authentication. Read More

Green River Murders: How Microtrace Found Pivotal Clues Others Missed

Microtrace founder Skip Palenik's analysis of Green River Murders evidence led to the confession and conviction of Gary Ridgway, one of the most prolific serial murderers in American history. Read More

Firearm to Target Distance Determination

Microtrace can visualize and quantify firearms residues to help determine muzzle to target distance in forensic investigations. Read More

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Recent Publications

Microtrace’s Range of Analytical Experience on Display at Inter/Micro 2023

Inter/Micro 2023 runs from 13-16 June in Chicago. Ten Microtrace scientists will present papers on a wide range of scientific topics. Read More

An Introduction to the Forensic Analysis of Solution Dyed Fibers

"An Introduction to the Forensic Analysis of Solution Dyed Fibers" by Christopher S. Palenik, Kelly Brinsko Beckert, Otyllia Abraham, Ethan Groves, Skip Palenik, Microtrace, LLC Read More

The Microscopical Recognition and Characterization of Pigmented Fibers

The Microscopical Recognition and Characterization of Pigmented Fibers, Kelly Brinsko Beckert, BS, MS; Otyllia Abraham, BS, MS; Ethan Groves, BS; Skip Palenik, BS; Christopher Palenik, MS, PhD Read More

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