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Layered paint cross section from Green River Murders
Yellow spray paint sphere caught while wet on a green fiber of a vehicle headliner that played a key role in the upholding the murder conviction of Booker T. Hillary.
Manipulation of microscopic particles under a stereomicroscope.
Andesine feldspar grain isolated from ash from the Mount Saint Helens Eruption in 1980 as observed between crossed polars.
Trilobal nylong carpet fiber cross section observed between crossed polars.  The fiber is loaded with sphereulites.
Heavy minerals from a Florida beach sand used to trace a stolen computer shipment to a crime network operating out of Miami.
Micro-distillation of a minute amount of liquid.
Fluorescence image of a crosssection of coated paper preferentially stained to illustrate the location of the coating in a patent infringement case.
Cross section of a six layer architectural paint (4 white, 1 thin red layer, and 1 green layer).
Cross section of a ring dyed synthetic fiber.
Throwback jersey signed by Joe DiMaggio.  Analyzed to determine why the signatures on a batch of shirts bled into the fabric.
SEM image of a freshly derived glacial quartz grain.
Sri Lankan zircon crystal observed between crossed polars.  The cracking and birefringence is a result of radiation damage to the crystal due to differential amounts of uranium and thorium.
Conoscopic view of a monoclinic crystal showing a biaxial interference figure with Bxa nearly normal to the plane of the stage.
Interference fringes showing a the slight curvature of a lenticular glass fragment.
Pollen grains observed in transmitted light after being acetylized and stained.
Brown, Caucasian human head hair observed in plane polarized transmitted light

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