Microtrace presenting at the DRI Product Liability Conference

Jason Beckert (Microtrace LLC) will be co-presenting with Michael A. McCaskey (Swanson Martin & Bell LLP) on the topic of “CSI Product Liability: Forensic Evidence in Product Liability Cases—Use of Forensic Evidence for Case Development and at Trial” at the DRI Product Liability Conference in Las Vegas (February 2-6, 2015).

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Trace evidence has an important role to play in many product liability cases. The proper application of a forensic approach can often definitively answer specific questions and ultimately lead to a better understanding of what actually transpired during the event in contention. It is advantageous to get the scientific expert involved at the beginning of the case as he or she is in the best position to evaluate how they can assist in light of the available evidence. The scientist will also be well versed in the necessary protocols involving sample documentation and chain of custody. In sum, an appreciation for the use of trace evidence and forensic science can be an integral part of advocating for your client in the truth-seeking process.


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