Merry Christmas from Microtrace!

Glistening, though not polarized
Which starlike, sparkle in their skies,
Or scattered, fill their crowded plains
With flashes of cerulean grains.

Cathodoluminiscent glow
Excites the brilliant color flow,
Which from plaster, stucco, gypsum
Inner faults ignite a prism.

While beamed electrons set the blaze
We wish you happy holidays,
And hope this brightness carries through
To New Year Twenty Twenty-Two.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
From all of us at


A cross section of colorless stucco as observed by cathodoluminescence microscopy. Cathodoluminescence is a phenomenon by which electrons excite a material, resulting in the emission of visible light. The luminescence arises from trace elements in the sample or vacancies in the crystal structure. Here, the colors result from a combination of calcite (orange), quartz (purple), feldspars (blue, yellow, tan), and apatite (bright yellow).

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