Microtrace to present 7 talks at Inter/Micro 2014

Microtrace scientists will be presenting seven talks at Inter/Micro 2014 this June in Chicago, IL.  Microtrace talks will be presented on all three days of the conference, which runs from June 2nd through 4th.  Microtrace talks include:

  • The Strange Case of Timmothy Pitzen and From Genoa to Montreal
  • When Color Isn’t Enough: Practical Lessons Learned From an Accident Reconstruction Involving Suspected Paint Transfer
  • Seeing Color: Practical Methods in Pigment Microscopy
  • The Discriminating Power of High Performance Thin Layer Chromatography (HPTLC) for Commercial Textile Dyestuffs
  • Evaluating Different Methods of Comparison for Fibers with Subtle Variations in Dye Concentration
  • You Found WHAT in Your Pizza?

Inter/Micro is an internationally recognized conference that attracts microscopists from all areas of light and electron microscopy. Research presentations given during the first three days cover techniques and instrumentation, environmental and industrial microscopy, and forensic and chemical microscopy.  Read why Inter/Micro has been dubbed “The best kept secret in forensic science.”

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