Illegal Enhancements – Analysis of non-medical surgical implants

Lisa Guerrero (2012) Illegal Enhancements. Inside Edition.

Aired on: 2/7/2012

Features Microtrace analysis of materials used for illegal enhancements.

“Having a plump, curvaceous behind has become an asset in Hollywood. Women are paying a lot of money to look like Jennifer Lopez, Beyoncé and Kim Kardashian by enhancing their behinds.

It’s become the latest craze in cosmetic surgery. Plastic surgeons say the only way safe way to do it is through surgical implants, or by transferring fat from another part of one’s body done by board certified doctors.

But, Lisa Guerrero and the INSIDE EDITION I-Squad found a shady, underground world of unqualified people who allegedly injected their customers with strange cocktails.”

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