Happy Thanksgiving from Microtrace!

What in the world?

Turkey Potatoes Microtrace

This Thanksgiving, we, here at Microtrace, offer a little puzzle for your enjoyment. So gather the family around the table and take a stab at our mini-mystery.


The Puzzle

Above are two images, both mashed together,

The substances magnified- boiled down to their essence.

Can you carve up a solution to this curious puzzle?


The Solution

To answer: the first of course is a feather,

The second shows starch of a magnified tater,

Since potatoes and turkey make Thanksgiving better.


The image on the left is a turkey feather magnified 400x by polarized light microscopy (PLM). The image on the right shows the starch grains of a potato by PLM.

Because, any way you slice it, turkey and potatoes are foundational elements of a Thanksgiving meal.

From all of us here at Microtrace:

Happy Thanksgiving!



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