Happy Thanksgiving from Microtrace!

A Thanksgiving Mystery


This Thanksgiving, Microtrace offers a little puzzle for your enjoyment. So, see if you can carve up a solution to this curious puzzle.


The Puzzle

Feast your eyes on the two images above.

Then, take a stab at identifying them.

Does something smell fowl?

Can you make heads or tails of it, or have you bitten off more than you can chew?


Alright, look no feather, here is the solution.

The image on the left is a plucked turkey feather by transmitted light microscopy.

On the right, you can see our turkey’s delicious striated muscle tissue by polarized light microscopy (PLM).

Because, any way you slice it, turkey is a foundational element of the Thanksgiving meal.

Did you make it to the top of the pecking order, or did you quit cold turkey?


From all of us here at Microtrace:

Happy Thanksgiving!

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