Happy Holidays!

“No one can act without leaving marks of their passage.”


This quotation, an adaptation from Edmond Locard,
has come to be known as the “Exchange Principle,
upon which forensic science and Microtrace were founded.

The cover depicts the most primary transfer of all – life-
from God to Adam, as envisioned by Michelangelo,
enhanced with a fluorescent green taggant.

This year, amidst the pandemic, the concept of transfer
has taken on a new, unfortunate relevance for all of us.
Yet, amidst all the unwanted transmission this year,
we hope to transfer something more pleasant to you –
the hope, joy, and expectations of a

Happy New Year 2021!

from all of us at


The transfer depicted on the cover has been highlighted with a fluorescent taggant used by investigators to establish evidence of contact. The images above, created by touching one finger to the next, demonstrates the ease and efficiency with which a transfer may occur. From left to right are first, second, third, and fourth order transfers. To read more about this, ask us for a copy of our paper on this topic.


Palenik, C.S., Brinsko-Beckert, K., Insana, J., and Palenik, S.J. (2018) Analytical and transfer characteristics of a fluorescent detection spray: Implications for subvisible and nanotrace particle transfers. Forensic Science International. 286. 96-105,  https://doi.org/10.1016/j.forsciint.2018.03.007.

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