Happy 22nd Anniversary Microtrace



On November 6th, 1992, Skip Palenik founded Microtrace to be a laboratory’s laboratory, a place where logic, science and the microscope could be used together, without prejudice or bias, to solve real world problems.  Since that time, our lab has worked on cases from around the world and has found answers to many questions that have eluded others.  Over this time, we have built a staff of  scientists with backgrounds ranging from chemistry to zoology, with geologists and forensic scientists in between, to ensure we have both the expertise and the equipment needed to address the most challenging questions.

The foundation upon which all of this was built began far earlier, when Skip’s father built him (and his late brother Mark) their first laboratory at the age of 8, complete with a hook-up to the main gas line for Bunsen burners and a fume hood.  Since then, a laboratory has traveled with Skip to each home he has lived in (and even to Germany where he served in Army Intelligence).  The experience in these home labs formed the basis for both the physical layout and, more importantly, the philosophy that continues to motivate our approach to each of our clients’ problems.

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