Great American Manhunt Series

Great American Manhunt Series (2012) . National Geographic Channel 7 Epiodes featuring Microtrace.

Aired starting on: 1/1/2012

Skip Palenik of Microtrace was featured as the trace evidence expert for the seven episode National Geographic Channel series.


Is it possible to identify living individuals simply through clues on and inside their bodies? For forensic detectives and scientists, it’s the ultimate test of their skills. Each week on The Great American Manhunt, the new eight part one-hour series premiering Thursday, April 19 at 9:00 pm (ET/PT) on the National Geographic Channel, those skills are challenged as never before. In each episode, a charismatic team of experts employs the very latest techniques and technology in forensic science – as well as a bit of intuition and some old fashioned clue busting abilities – to unravel the complex mystery put before them.

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