Forensic Science Week 2020

This week (20-26 September 2020) is National Forensic Science Week. We want to take this opportunity to honor forensic scientists around the world, both active and historical, who, for well over a century, have analyzed evidence on a daily basis in the pursuit of providing scientifically-supportable contributions to cases.  This work has done tremendous good, from exonerating the innocent to identifying the guilty.

Microtrace was founded upon this rich history- built upon the shoulders of both our contemporaries and the many who have come before us.  Our academic lineage page honors those scientists who have contributed so much to our own work, and we continually strive to develop our own scientific skills in a never-ending quest to improve ourselves and the discipline.  Through articles, talks, working groups and outreach programs, we also make efforts to educate others about the important role that forensic science and logical problem solving can play in the investigation of crimes.

The spirit of good will and collaboration among scientists working on all aspects of forensic investigations helps us move ever closer to the goal that truth is uncovered and justice is served.

To all these forensic scientists, both our colleagues and associates across the nation, we say, “Thank you!”

For more information about the eighth annual National Forensic Science Week, click here.

The History of National Forensic Science Week

The concept of a national Forensic Science Week was raised during a meeting of forensic leaders in 2013 as a way to recognize and advance quality forensic science. After that meeting, formal support was initially offered by the MCC and immediately joined by the IACP, ASCIA, MCSA, and the full panel of organizations that compose the CFSO. From there, a planning guide, website, and numerous blogs and emails were distributed to the community.

Within a few months, National Forensic Science Week was transformed from a simple idea at a meeting to a true national event. This can only be explained by the importance of forensic science in modern criminal justice and the dedication of forensic professionals across the nation. Quality forensic science and those that provide these services deserve our appreciation and respect.

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