Chris Palenik Invited to Speak at INTERPOL on Counterfeiting


The Organizing Committee of the INTERPOL Forensic Science Managers Symposium has invited Chris Palenik to speak at their upcoming gathering from October 11-13, 2016. Chris will discuss a variety of forensic approaches that can contribute to counterfeiting investigations and subsequent legal proceedings in a talk entitled, “Supplementing Counterfeiting Investigations with Scientific Analysis.”

INTERPOL hosts a Forensic Science Managers Symposium every three years at its headquarters in Lyon, France. This Symposium brings together forensic managers from across the globe to hear presentations on forensic science evidence updates, thematic sessions on emerging or critical issues, and to interact with colleagues on ideas and processes to improve forensic science provision, especially in emerging countries.


Certain key questions are common to counterfeiting investigations.  While the initial question is typically whether goods are authentic, other questions become significant in the ensuing investigation: Can goods can be attributed to a specific source (geolocation/source attribution)? Can the path of goods be traced to a specific route (route attribution)? Can contravened goods from multiple shipments be associated? Scientific analyses of both goods and packaging, as well as latent traces in and on the product and its packaging, can provide incontrovertible facts that can be obtained by no other means. Such facts can be used to place constraints upon, and in some cases specifically answer, such investigative questions. Through case examples, this presentation will illustrate the range of questions and means by which forensic approaches can contribute to counterfeiting investigations and subsequent legal proceedings.

Microtrace’s Contributions to Counterfeiting Analysis

Through the analysis of products, packaging, and dusts associated with products, Microtrace has contributed to counterfeiting and authentication investigations in food, beverage, pharmaceutical, and cosmetic industries.  These investigations have spanned all aspects of the supply chain from raw ingredients to distribution of the finished products.  Microtrace has also conducted analyses aimed at the authentication of artifacts, works of art, and collectibles.

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