Chris Palenik to Present Plenary Address at NIST Conference


Microtrace Vice President Chris Palenik has been invited by the National Institute for Standards and Technology (NIST) to present the plenary address at their upcoming Trace Evidence Data Workshop: Improving Technology and Measurement in Forensic Science. On Tuesday, July 19, Chris will open the conference by speaking on “The Role of Reference Collections in Trace Evidence.”   Skip Palenik will give a presentation on Wednesday, July 20 on the state of collections in more unusual types of trace evidence.   This conference will be streamed live via the web.  Details are available on the conference website.

Microtrace’s Reference Collections

In an era when most companies and laboratories have abandoned their libraries and physical reference collections, Microtrace has made a firm commitment to maintain and curate such resources at the highest possible levels.  These collections are organized by unique ascension numbers in multi-relational databases, containing metadata as well as information about the source and provenance whenever possible.  Maintaining and organizing these collections provides direct and indirect benefits to our clients, in that many of these materials are used directly in casework to verify material identifications, while other samples are used in the context of research, which broadens our general understanding of materials and the microanalytical methods we use to characterize them.

To read more about Microtrace’s reference collections, click here.

Trace Evidence Data Workshop

The NIST Forensic Science Research Program, with assistance from the National Institute of Justice (NIJ), has been involved in several efforts to assist in expanding the availability of data and reference materials for various disciplines including biometrics and firearms. On July 19-20, 2016, NIST will hold a conference entitled; “Trace Evidence Data Workshop: Improving Technology and Measurement in Forensic Science.” This event is a part of an effort at NIST to gather feedback from the practitioners and researchers in the forensic science community on further improving access and expanding the development of datasets useful for trace forensic evidence.

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