Can You Hear Me Now: An Investigation into Mobile Telephone Screen Glass

Glass is commonly encountered as forensic evidence. Typically the glass originates from flat glass (i.e., windows) or containers that have subsequently become the most heavily researched area of forensic glass comparison. Now with mobile phones and other portable electronic devices becoming commonplace in our society, glass from the screens of these devices is likely to become more commonly encountered in crime scenes. It is not clear how much this glass varies from device to device or how easily it can be distinguished from other types of glass. This talk investigates the glass from the screens on mobile phones and compares a subset of mobile electronic device glasses to each other and other types of glass. The screen glasses have been classified by their bulk elemental composition (via micro-XRF), surface coatings (through elemental or fluorescence characteristics), optical characteristics (refractive index), and physical characteristics (such as thickness).

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