Alan Stone Joins Microtrace Staff

Microtrace is proud to announce that Alan Stone has joined the Microtrace staff.

Alan is a metallurgist who specializes in industrial troubleshooting, failure analysis, and metallographic evaluations.  He grew up in a family metal processing business and was exposed to metallurgical problems at an early age. Having interests in several science disciplines and a passion for photography, he found his niche in the laboratory. With careful attention to detail, his primary techniques for metallurgical problem solving include optical microscopy, scanning electron microscopy and supporting microanalytical techniques. His experience covers a wide variety of manufactured components and products ranging in use from the deep ocean floor to a space telescope and even to Pluto and beyond.

Alan has contributed to the (formerly FBI) Slice EDS database, hosted ASM Materials Camps, mentored students, taught heat treating workshops, and published in the ASM Case Histories of Failure Analysis Handbooks and Industrial Heating. He has also contributed numerous photomicrographs to technical journals, reference books, and technical websites. One of three original “Citizen Sleuths,” he assisted the FBI in a high profile skyjacking cold case and successfully testified in a cold case murder trial held in the same courtroom as the OJ trial.


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