Book Inventory

Bantam Paperbacks
And Be a Villain Bantam 1994
And Four to Go Bantam 1992
A Prize for Princes Carroll & Graf Publishers 2001
A Right to Die Bantam 1994
Before Midnight Fontana 1972
Black Orchids Bantam 1992
Champagne for One Bantam 1996
Curtains for Three Bantam 1970
     The gun with wings
     Bullet for one
     Disguise for murder
Death of a Doxy Bantam 1995
Death of a Dude Bantam 1984
Death Times Three Bantam 1988
Fer-de-Lance Bantam 1992
     Bitter End
     Frame-up for Murder
     Assult on a Brownstone
Homicide Trinity Bantam 1993
If Death Ever Slept Bantam 1975
In the Best Families Bantam 1995
Murder by the Book Bantam 1981
Murder by the Book Bantam 1977
Not Quite Dead Enough Bantam 1992
Over My Dead Body Bantam 1993
Please Pass the Guilt Fontana 1974
Prisoner’s Base Bantam 1992
Some Buried Caesar Bantam 1994
The Doorbell Rang Bantam 1992
The Golden Spiders Bantam 1995
The Hand in the Glove Pyramid 1968
The League of Frightened Men Bantam 1982
The League of Frightened Men Bantam 1963
The Mother Hunt Bantam 1993
The Second Confession Bantam 1995
The Silent Speaker Bantam 1994
The Sound of Murder Pyramid 1969
Three Doors to Death Bantam 1995
Three for the Chair Bantam 1994
Three at Wolfe’s Door Bantam 1995
Too Many Cooks Pyramid 1976
Too Many Cooks Bantam 1988
Too Many Clients Bantam 1994
Too Many Women Bantam 1985
Trouble in Triplicate Bantam 1993
Hardcover Editions
A Family Affair (2 copies) Viking Press 1975
And Be a Villian (2 copies) Viking Press 1948
A Right to Kill Viking Press 1964
Before Midnight Viking Press 1955
Death of a Doxy Viking Press 1966
Death of a Doxy Collins Clear-Type Press 1967
Five of a Kind Viking Press 1961
Please Pass the Guilt (2 copies) Viking Press 1973
Plot It Yourself Viking Press 1959
The Doorbell Rang Viking Press 1965
The Doorbell Rang ImPress (Readers Digest) 1965
The Father Hunt Viking Press 1968
The Mother Hunt Viking Press 1963
The Rubber Band Triangle Books 1940
Three Aces (2 copies) Viking Press 1971
Three for the Chair Viking Press 1957
     A Window for Death
     Immune to Murder
     Too Many Detectives
Three Men Out Viking Press 1954
Three Witnesses Viking Press 1956
     Before I Die
     Help Wanted, Male
     Instead of Evidence
Trio for Blunt Instruments Viking Press 1964
Seven Complete Nero Wolfe Novels Avenel Press 1983
The Nero Wolfe Companion Series by Rev. F.G. Gotwald
Archie Goodwin’s New York City Walkabout
Rex Stout name dropper
The Nero Wolfe Handbook
No. 1
     The League of Frightened Men
     The Rubber Band
     The Red Box
     Too Many Cooks
No. 3
The Silent Speaker
Too Many Women
And Be a Villain
The Second Confession
In the Best Families
No. 4
Trouble in Triplicate
Three Doors to Death
Curtains for Three
Triple Jeopardy
Murder by the Book
No. 7
     Champagne for One
     Three at Wolfe’s Door
     Homicide Trinity
     Plot it Yourself
     Too Many Clients
No. 8
     Trio for Blunt Instruments
     The Final Deduction
     The Mother Hunt
     A Right to Die
     The Doorbell Rang
No. 9
     Death of a Doxy
     The Father Hunt
     Death of a Dude
     Please Pass the Guilt
     A Family Affair
Other Books
The Nero Wolfe Cookbook (2 copies) Cumberland House Publishing 1996
Great Detectives – Seven Original Investigationsby Julian Symons Harry Abrams Publishers, NY 1981
Her Forbidden Knight Carroll & Graf 1995

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