Raw Materials

Starch Particle Size

Shown above are images of a various corn starches as observed by light (left) and electron microscopy (right).

In addition to the identification of unknown materials, Microtrace characterizes raw ingredients by a variety of approaches that may include particle size analysis (diameter, area, circularity, etc), chemical composition, elemental composition, and micromorphology. Manufacturers from food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, coatings, and polymer industries may experience problems in quality, be looking to switch suppliers, or want to evaluate the quality of a product from an alternative supplier. In addition to standard particle size analyses, Microtrace can provide thoughtful analyses and/or comparisons of materials to evaluate properties that might impact a finished product. This may include confirming the identity of a specific ingredient, analysis of a raw ingredient for impurities, or confirmation of a particular property of a raw ingredient. In cases of products that are subject to counterfeiting, the authenticity of an ingredient may be determined through the use of markers or trace compounds. Commonly encountered raw ingredients have included starches, microcrystalline cellulose, and various sugars (among numerous others).

The full suite of microanalytical equipment and materials experience at Microtrace is available to provide results in a balanced and thoughtful context that permits our clients to make informed decisions. To learn more about Microtrace’s particle size analytical capabilities click here.

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