Particle Size Analysis

In addition to the identification of unknown particles, we also provide particle counting, particle size measurement, and particle size distribution analyses.  These analyses utilize stereo microscopy, polarized light microscopy, scanning electron microscopy, or transmission electron microscopy as determined by the requirements of the project.  Particles ranging from 1 mm to 1 nm can be sized using manual or automated methods.  Such measurements can be focused on an entire population of particles, or on a specific demographic of particles based on visual, elemental, or chemical properties.


Related standardized methods: B214, B821, C92, C721, D502, D1366, D1921, D2862, D4513, D4570, D4822, D5158, D5519, D5644, D5861, D6913, D7928, E276, E389, E726, E2490, E2834

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