Residues & Adhesives

While adhesives represent a formally produced material, they are often present in trace amounts as gummy or sticky deposits. The identification of such trace residues, whether they are formally related to an adhesive or are left behind by some other material, has been of assistance in various types of projects ranging from slip-and-fall cases, to investigations involving the identification of residues on knives and other blades in criminal and industrial settings.

Such analyses often involve the examination of minute amounts of material, and while it may be sufficient to identify the bulk components of a residue, such as polyvinyl acetate, there are many instances where the identification of additives, present in trace amounts, is necessary to specifically identify a compound.  Microtrace  specializes in the efficient isolation and analysis of such trace deposits, whatever they turn out to be (banana residue, sticky-note adhesive, shoe polish, hide glue, food residue, etc.).

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