Marketing & Publicity

While there are a great number of projects and cases we work on that we can’t discuss, we also work with marketing and publicity firms where our work demonstrating product claims or showcasing the microscopic features of products is highlighted.



Occasions to illustrate the microscopic view of a common, or perhaps uncommon product or object through light microscopy or scanning electron microscopy arise in advertising, television production, and graphic design.  Limitless options exist for showcasing common objects from the uncommon perspective of microscopy or for emphasizing microscopic structures or features of a features of a material.  Photomicrographs and other forms of microstructure visualization can be prepared in formats ranging from informative to artistic.


Documenting Product Claims

Microtrace works with companies to verify product claims, document claims in a media friendly format, or help assists a manufacturer to identify product features that might be scientifically demonstrated.  Our experience with a wide range of materials and expertise in microscopy can provide unique insights into ways in which product claims that can be aesthetically illustrated through microscopy and microchemistry.


Independent Testing

Microtrace works with news agencies, advocacy groups, and watchdog organizations to perform independent evaluations involving microscopy and chemistry to test product claims, identify counterfeit and illegally imported goods, and to review the work of other laboratories.  Our work has been featured on programs ranging from the ABC World News to Oprah.

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