Microtrace Provides Expert Soil Testimony at Trial

Altoona Mirror 4/24/21 “Ross defense witnesses challenge officers’ testimony.”

From the article:

Defense attorney Thomas M. Dickey also arranged for video testimony by Skip Palenik of Elgin, Ill., who has rendered trace evidence analysis in several high-profile cases, including the Oklahoma City bombing, the JonBenet Ramsey case and the Hillside Strangler investigation.

Palenik criticized the efforts and testimony of state police forensic scientist John Evans of Harrisburg, who concluded that the dirt found on the cover of a videocassette tape at Ross’ residence could have come from Canoe Creek State Park.

Palenik said that Evans made “a preliminary comparison” to reach a conclusion that “could” be accurate. Palenik offered a chart outlining several additional steps that need to be undertaken.

“His conclusion is a guess,” Palenik said. “To make an inference that the soil came from (Canoe Creek State Park) is pure conjecture.”

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