Gunshot, Fireworks & Explosive Residues

When explosions occur, be they caused by engineering failures, pranks, sabotage, or even terrorism, it is necessary to search for, analyze, and interpret the remaining evidence in order to determine the nature and origins of the events. Microtrace scientists have successfully applied trace evidence techniques and microchemical analysis methods to the examination of both post-blast explosive residues and evidence recovered during investigations into a wide variety of cases spanning terrorism (e.g., the Oklahoma City bombing), industrial explosions, and residential events.


Post Blast Residues

Post blast residues contain a wide variety of valuable information both in the identity of the original explosive and its origin.  Associated trace evidence can provide investigative information about the cause of an explosion, the source of materials, or even information about the individuals involved.  In litigation, such information can help to identify the order of events or the cause of failure.  In such cases, the entire spectrum of analytical methods available in our laboratory can be of assistance when addressing the specific questions of a given investigation.


Gunshot and Firearms Discharge Residues

Gunshot residue (GSR) and other firearms related residues such as bullet wipe deposits are often used as evidence in forensic investigations.  Microtrace scientists analyze such residues and are routinely contacted to review the use of such evidence in criminal court proceedings.


Related standardized methods: ASTM E1588

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